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FIBA Technologies is globally recognized as the leading provider of gas containment and transportation equipment and services for bulk gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, and specialty gases. These products and services are in demand in a wide range of industries: health, food and beverage processing, electronics manufacturing, and environmental services.
The only fully vertically-integrated company in the industry, FIBA provides manufacturing and servicing, including pressure vessels, tube trailers and skids (MEGCs), cryogenic products, and equipment test, repair, and requalification services.
Storage: seamless steel and composite pressure vessels to store up to 1.034 bar (Type 1 and Type 2) and transport industrial, specialty, electronic and alternative fuel gases.


  • Activités
    • Réservoirs, équipements pour réservoir
    • Solutions pour l’industrie
    • Solutions pour la mobilité, pour les véhicules
    • Stations de recharge, équipements pour station
    • Vannes, gestion de la pression