Program of the conferences


Studio TVH2 is a forum for debating on the strategic vision, primarily short and medium terms, though illustrated with real on-going projects. It is dedicated to all the audience interested in the deployment of real solutions for the ecological transformation and energy transition.

There are three main thematics structuring the content of Studio TVH2 throughout the two days:

  • Why:  The role of Hydrogen in the energy transition
  • How: Today, local territories convey and deploy this energy transition and the related topics such as hydrogen
  • What for: a vast set of applications to take advantage of the hydrogen benefits

The Studio TVH2 set offers a very dynamic live format similar to a television program, mixing sequences of debates, animated by experts and professional journalists, thematic illustrations via video reports and documents, commented polls and interactions with the public, case studies and keynote speeches from top level players.

Studio TVH2 will be focusing on the concrete deployments in the areas of energy storage, sustainable transports and mobility, not forgetting the numerous nomad and stationary applications, such as domestic co-generation.

Going through environmental, societal and economic concerns in which this new energy solution place itself, about forty major European and French speakers will present this great variety of operational or on going deployments, as well as new initiatives and strategies for market introduction that are currently being set.

They will discuss the key success factors, the main areas of research and development, the infrastructures needs and requirements, as well as the new business models that are necessary to build up the hydrogen energy ecosystem.

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