In response to the vigour permeating the market and the needs being expressed across the sector, this new edition of HyVolution will feature an expanded offering of solutions and a whole new programme of open-access conferences on a TV stage. Complementing this will be two forum areas where companies, local authorities, and partners can take the floor to give their news and feedback. Among the latest novelties, theme-based sessions will be on offer in the Forums to go with the interactive workshops run by exhibitors, partners, and even countries. A total of eight sessions will cover the topics of mobility, energy, distribution, and industrial uses.

Discover the program now !



Discover two open-access areas open to all participants, dedicated to the speeches of exhibiting companies and partners to promote a project, a product or a service.




Take part over the event’s two days in the debates and round-table talks chaired by professional experts from France and abroad.











Discover and test the latest hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen-powered power solutions!









New : The Employment Training Campus

To respond to training and recruitment issues, often encountered by markets players, HyVolution in partnership with, organizes the Employment Training Campus dedicated to the current employment and training challenges of the sector.


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