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19 June 2018

Inauguration of the first Power-to-Gas demonstration unit in France

On Monday 11th June, 2018 in Cappelle-la-Grande (Nord department), France's first proof-of-concept Power-to-Gas plant was inaugurated in front of the Dunkirk urban community, the energy company ENGIE, and the mayors of Dunkirk and Cappelle-la-Grande.
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09 April 2018


HyWay: results of 3 years’ hydrogen-fuelled fleet deployment in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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09 April 2018

France and its potential for the deployment of hydrogen.

On the occasion of the European Hydrogen Energy Days "HyVolution 2018", AFHYPAC presented a study explaining the hydrogen deployment potential at the 2050 horizon in France.
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23 March 2018

Powidian presents its new product : Mobhyl Power

PowiDian is launching MobHyl Power, a mobile and transportable power generator delivering power in a diesel-free, silent and non-polluting manner
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21 March 2018

Hydrogen: the list of automobile manufacturers is growing

Audi will join the fuel cell race in 2020. This announcement shows that the electric car is not the only solution and that hydrogen is well situated in the automotive industry roadmap.
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19 March 2018

The gas station of the future is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

Apart from exposing several hydrogen vehicles, the Geneva Motor Show also unveiled a touch-screen hydrogen station that is shaping the future.
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