09 April 2018


HyWay: results of 3 years’ hydrogen-fuelled fleet deployment in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Tenerrdis and the members of the HyWay consortium have published the final report on the 36-month phase 1 of their deployment project. This report gives a full run-down on hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicle use in real-world situations, including the refuelling facilities in Grenoble and Lyon.

  • It can be clearly seen that for certain uses, most notably urban, the Kangoo ZE H2 provides the same service as diesel vehicles
  • The technical information gleaned from user experience has facilitated rapid improvement of the vehicle and of the customer service
  • The refuelling infrastructures have proved effective (very quick recharging times), although they are still under-used
  • From the techno-economic standpoint, the analysis shows the business model, with synchronized deployment of refuelling infrastructures and vehicles, to be a relevant choice.

The innovative, future-looking HyWay project provides a clear template for similar deployment in other French districts, notably in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with its promotion of hydrogen as a sector of excellence and its launch of the Zero Emission Valley (ZEV) project.

Phase 2 of the HyWay project is now under way and has been partly assimilated in the ZEV project. The next key stage will be the production of carbon-free hydrogen for provisioning the refuelling station in Grenoble starting in the early summer of 2018. In Lyon, the electrolyser-based station will be incorporated into a green energy multifuel station featuring educational areas, named “Quai des Énergies”—the energy dock.

The final report and its summary are available on the Tenerrdis website.

HyWay in figures (after 18 months of trials)

  • Over 345,000 km driven and 86 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided
  • Over 1,600 refills at the refuelling stations
  • Over 31,600 km on the clock for the most heavily used vehicle
  • A ratified record of 367 km driven on a single hydrogen refill with a full electrical charge

The HyWay project has been led by Tenerrdis, backed and jointly funded by ADEME, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council, and the European Union via the FEDER fund.

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