19 March 2018

The gas station of the future is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

Apart from exposing several hydrogen vehicles, the Geneva Motor Show also unveiled a touch-screen hydrogen station that is shaping the future.

Present for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, the Swiss Petroleum Union has decided to surprise the market by revealing the gas station of the future. Right in the middle of Hall 6, which hosted Mercedes, Volvo and Jaguar, they were placed in a quiet space. There,  the visitor was able to relax, sit down, charge his smartphone or tablet and even to have a coffee served by a futuristic machine. Welcome to the Mobiity Service Station, which pre-shapes the gas station at the 2035  horizon. Within a wi-fi connected area, one can benefit from a whole set of services. Visitors are greeted by a silver-dressed staff like in they were taking part of a sci-fi movie.

But visitors were there to pump it up. The number of stations launched to date testify the diversity of solutions that will be available in the future. Users can now refuel with gasoline, diesel, synthetic biofuels and electricity. As of now, and as a result form a partnership between the Swiss Petroleum Union and Hyundai, you can also refuel hydrogen vehicles. As a particular sign of this futuristic station, a big slipping pistol can be seen instead a typical gasoline nuzzle.

Like some others, the H2 station is piloted from a touch screen. The Swiss Petroleum Union created this concept in collaboration with Empa, a Materials Science and Technology research institute based in Dübendorf. What is more, hydrogen is renewable and comes from solar and wind energy sources. This energy vector is able to store electrical energy and can also be used in order to produce hydrogen.

For Daniel Hofer, President of the Swiss Petroleum Union and Managing Director of the MIGROL network : "the service station functions as a bridge between technical innovation and market needs". "We are confident that our infrastructure and logistics will play a decisive role in the upcoming mobility evolution. ", he added.


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