Two days of conferences filmed on the HyVolution TV and chaired by leading hydrogen experts from France and Europe, giving a round-up of the sector’s news and its existing and emerging solutions.

HyVolution TV features a very dynamic format very close to that of a TV magazine, with a mixture of debates and round-the-table talks, in French or in English (not interpreted), chaired by professional experts and reporters.
Each programme will be filmed live, broadcast on the website, and relayed via the exhibition’s social network channels.

The HyVolution TV platform targets all public and private sector professionals and decision makers seeking to implement authentic solutions for the energy and ecology transition.

© Charles Mangin

Taking a long, hard look at the environmental, societal, and economic issues involved in this new energy solution, fifty or so French and European speakers will be presenting the marketing initiatives and strategies that are taking shape, debating such themes as key factors in success, the main research and development areas, infrastructure requirements, and the business models that need putting together to construct the hydrogen energy ecosystem.


Major HyVolution TV 2021 themes

  • Renewable hydrogen
  • Decarbonization of industries using hydrogen
  • H2 heavy land mobility
  • Mobility - “Bus” deployments, community fleets, trains, trucks, etc.
  • Hydrogen Valleys - Hubs, Ecosystems, Corridors in France and in Europe
  • How to ensure the right balance between production and use of hydrogen?
  • How to improve the competitiveness of the hydrogen sector by taking into account the different uses?
  • Hydrogen transport: networks and European regulations

© Charles Mangin


Hyvolution TV will also be the presentation of advanced projects that put renewable hydrogen at the heart of it!