10 May 2019

BOSCH banks on hydrogen

The German giant has decided to scale down its electricity business to concentrate on hydrogen.

Bosch and Powercell Sweden AB, a former Volvo subsidiary, have just announced a partnership to develop a new fuel cell for release by 2022. The world’s biggest automotive equipment manufacturer has officially revealed its decision to scale down its interest in batteries in order to concentrate on hydrogen.

It concedes that Europe has fallen behind Asia to an almost irretrievable extent in terms of battery research and production. And rather than expending its efforts to catch up, Bosch is moving away from the production of batteries and cells for electric cars. In the scope of the new partnership, the two companies are jointly developing the core of the hydrogen fuel cell, the stack, where the chemical reaction takes place. That’s where hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to produce the electricity that powers the motor.

Their objective: to get HGVs running on hydrogen in a not-too-distant future.

They are therefore betting on the long term dominance of hydrogen electric vehicles over battery-powered vehicles for certain uses thanks to a longer range and a refilling time comparable to that of petrol and diesel, while preserving all the advantages of 100% electric vehicles: acceleration, silence, and above all the absence of polluting exhaust fumes, replaced by simple water vapour.


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01 December 2019

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