News of the hydrogen sector

28 January 2020


Used in addition to all green energies to satisfy and decarbonize many uses, hydrogen can become the mainstay of 100% renewable territories.
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23 January 2020

European Zero Emission Bus Conference

The conference programme has been designed to give attendees a complete overview of the considerations for deployment of zero emission fleets.
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01 December 2019

The latest Hydrogen news

a selection of articles dedicated to hydrogen news !
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10 May 2019

BOSCH banks on hydrogen

Bosch and Powercell Sweden AB, a former Volvo subsidiary, have just announced a partnership to develop a new fuel cell for release by 2022. The world’s biggest automotive equipment manufacturer has officially revealed its decision to scale down its interest in batteries in order to concentrate on hydrogen.
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19 June 2018

Inauguration of the first Power-to-Gas demonstration unit in France

On Monday 11th June, 2018 in Cappelle-la-Grande (Nord department), France's first proof-of-concept Power-to-Gas plant was inaugurated in front of the Dunkirk urban community, the energy company ENGIE, and the mayors of Dunkirk and Cappelle-la-Grande.
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09 April 2018


HyWay: results of 3 years’ hydrogen-fuelled fleet deployment in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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