01 December 2019

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Daimler Trucks & Buses targets completely CO2-neutral fleet of new vehicles by 2039 in key regions

Daimler Trucks & Buses, one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, pursues a sustainable corporate strategy and aims to offer only new vehicles that are CO2-neutral in driving operation (“tank-to-wheel”) in the triad markets of Europe, Japan and NAFTA by 2039.
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Hydrogen for Climate Action: How to kick-start the EU hydrogen industry to achieve the EU climate goals?

On 9th October 2019, the Hydrogen for Climate Action conference, co-organised by the European Commission’s DG GROW and Hydrogen Europe, took place in Brussels. Over 450 stakeholders from all across Europe attended the event and 1366 followed the web streaming.
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Burgundy Franche-Comté, Belgium, Netherlands: active HyVolution's partners!

The Burgundy Franche-Comté Region has announced a €90 million plan to support the deployment of stations and trains.

Projects are already well advanced in Dijon, Auxerre,... The Regional Economic Agency will be present at HyVolution to promote projects and companies.

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In Benelux, 7 major players, including Engie and the ports of Zeebrugge and Antwerp, have signed an agreement for a 100 MW electrolyse plant in 2025, increased to 1 GW in 2030!

Waterstofnet, an active cluster in Flanders and the Netherlands, is also part of this project: come and meet them, as well as Engie, on HyVolution.
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10 May 2019

BOSCH banks on hydrogen

Bosch and Powercell Sweden AB, a former Volvo subsidiary, have just announced a partnership to develop a new fuel cell for release by 2022. The world’s biggest automotive equipment manufacturer has officially revealed its decision to scale down its interest in batteries in order to concentrate on hydrogen.
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23 January 2020

European Zero Emission Bus Conference

The conference programme has been designed to give attendees a complete overview of the considerations for deployment of zero emission fleets.
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